Joel Leindecker Photography

Private Tutoring Sessions

Recently I have begun to receive inquiries about private photography tutoring sessions.  I have set up a few options for anyone looking to sharpen their photographic skills.  The options are as follows:

$35 per hour for a one-on-one tutoring session.
-This will be at a neutral location, preferably a park, within 20 miles of my studio.  If you wish to shoot at a specific location outside of the 20 mile radius this is fine.  However, there will be a 50 cent fee for every mile after the initial 20 miles.
-This covers a one-on-one tutoring session which will focus on any area you would like.  I have a wide array of experience, and I am confident teaching everything from basic camera understanding through technical aspects of specific photographic skills. (Ex: Macro, Night, Landscape, Portrait)

$20 per person, per hour for a semi-private (2-4 people) tutoring session.
-This has the same stipulations of a private lesson, but it allows for a group atmosphere of 2-4 people. 
-Through my experience, even proficient photographers can build off each other.  This allows others who are honing their skills to work together while learning a specific photographic skill.

$125 full day one-on-one tutoring session.
-This has the same stipulations of the hourly rates, but it allows for 5-8 hours at a specific location in a single day.
-If you have a specific location which you would like to shoot, and you know it will take a little more time than hourly lessons will cover this may be the route to go. 

$70 per person, full day, semi-private.
-This has the same stipulations as the previous sections, but it allows for 2-4 people to work together at one location.


If this seems like something you would like to pursue please contact me via email or phone.  All contact information is located in the tab "contact information" on the left hand side of this website.